SWILL - Order Wine Beer and Spirits from your Apple TV

At a quick glance, the new Apple TV just announced by Apple looks like it gained a few pounds. The same basic hockey puck shape just a slightly thicker. The extra thickness is to make room for some much improved processing, storage and memory. But all these goodies are for what ? An app store for the Apple TV.

Apple is calling it tvOS. We see it as an huge opportunity to bring food and beverage commerce to the living room.

While many people cave cut the traditional cord with cable , our couch and our televisions still have a big place and purpose in our daily lives. We just tend to do it on our own time.

tvOS represents an opportunity for apps like SWILL to make ordering food, drinks or alcohol an integrated experience. Watching Netflix and "chilling" is now a commonplace thing. But why even reach for your phone, when you can ask siri to order you a beer , a bottle of wine or some champagne ?

Apple's newest gadget will not change the world of TV by itself. There were cellphones before the iPhone too. The app store for tvOS opens your living room up to the thousands and other uses for your TV that you probably never even though of before. I'm excited to see what the amazing developers and creatives out there come out with. At SWILL, we will look to make an entirely new experience for purchasing your favorite drinks.

Just call it the Liquor Store on your couch.