Our Must Have Beers for the Fall Season

Now that Summer is officially over, not only is it time to put away your t-shirts and shorts in favor of long sleeves and cardigans, but you should also consider the type of beer you are drinking. Since colder weather is upon us, you should be trading in your Summer Shandy's for darker beers with more depth and packed with great flavors that represent Fall.

As the resident "beer guy" here at SWILL, here are some of my recommendations, you can thank me later...

Founder's Breakfast Stout

I'm not advising that you drink beer for breakfast (although it is most certainly 5 o'clock somewhere and this would pair well with a nice bowl of Cheerios), Founder's Breakfast Stout is the perfect beer for the colder months of Fall. Packed full of flavors from coffee beans and oatmeal used throughout the brewing process, this beer will help warm your bones as we approach winter, and packs a nice punch at an 8.3% ABV.

Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale

While I have an inherit bias being in New York City, we at SWILL love just about everything that Brooklyn Brewery produces. Their Post Road Pumpkin Ale is packed with great pumpkin flavor with hints of malt, cinnamon, and nutmeg, that is easy to drink and can even be enjoyed with your dessert on Thanksgiving. Sip this while your non-beer drinking pals sip on their Pumpkin Spice Late's (they're too basic for you anyway).

Spaten Oktoberfest

If you even consider yourself a mild beer drinker, you know that the Fall represents one thing for beer drinkers everywhere: Oktoberfest. While most of us are not in the position to drop everything for a trip to Munich, Spaten's Oktoberfest stays true to the tradition of the festival. This beer has a balanced roasted malt flavor, with a slight sweetness that stays true to the Oktoberfest-style beer tradition.