Getting ready for Beaujolais Nouveau season.

It's that time of the year again. For all you Beaujolais Nouveau lovers, you don't have to wait much longer for this years vintage release! Beaujolais season has arrived and on the third Thursday of November, over a million cases of this beautiful, light and friendly wine will start its journey around the world.

Now even though Beaujolais has found popularity world wide and is known wide and far, some may wonder what it is and why it's so hyped every year. Firstly, Beaujolais is a historical region located in northern Lyon that is historical and famous for being a wine producing region of several different styles of wine but the Beaujolais Nouveau in particular. Secondly, it is affordable and made by the masses while being delicately cared for by each batch!

Beaujolais Nouveau is a success through for the most part marketing and promotion from the world's biggest evangelist, Georges Dubeouf. Not only is he a wine maker but more than a fifth of his annual production is dedicated to Beaujolais Nouveau alone (roughly 4 million bottles.).

The great thing about this wine, is that it is the closest to white wine as a red wine can be. That makes it easy to drink, without the astringent tannins normally found in red wines. Also for beginner wine drinkers, this is a great wine to start off with. It tastes best when chilled, is perfect for a festive occasion and is easy to gulp rather than sip which usually leads to enjoying in high spirits! It is easy going, love-able and absolutely delicious. Get ready for November 20th as this years vintage will be released then!