Get Ready..Black Tuesday is Coming

For hardcore beer drinkers, the month of October brings the most important date in all the world of beer: Black Tuesday.

Ok great, so what is Black Tuesday?

Black Tuesday is probably one of (if not the most) highly anticipated beer releases of the year, and for good reason.This imperial stout clocks in an average ABV of about 19% (yes that isn't a typo), after being aged in bourbon barrels for an entire year. It is honestly the best beer I've ever tasted (and many others who have tried it would agree as well). You can check out its various accolades from our friends at Ratebeer and Beer Advocate, who both gave Black Tuesday a perfect 100 score, but enough bragging! Let's talk about the core components that everyone cares about:


As the name Black Tuesday suggests, the pour is pitch black, leaving little to no head as it rests in the glass. It has healthy legs due to its high alcohol content, similar to what you would get on a high alcohol content wine.


If you love waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning with a hint of vanilla, it is similar to that same rejuvenating experience, except you get a strong dose of bourbon as well, living up to its high ABV content.


The taste is how you would imagine it to be: intense. It is very rich with malt and vanilla like you would expect a good imperial stout to have. What makes this beer so special and unique is the secondary experience you have due to the bourbon barrel aging, which almost resembles that pleasant burn that you get while sipping a glass of whiskey. If the most amazing imperial stout in the world made sweet love with the best bourbon in the world, the result would be Black Tuesday.


Very rich and creamy in the mouth, with very little carbonation in comparison to other beer. This allows you to fully taste and explore all of the unique flavors that come out in the beer.

This all sounds great, but how do I get it?

I know this beer is awesome, and now you know this beer is awesome. The bad news is that it is super
hard to come by. The Bruery opens up sales online at 10AM the day of release allowing people to purchase up to 2 bottles for $30 each. Unfortunately even if you are one of the lucky ones to scoop up 2 bottles considering they usually sell out in 10 minutes, you have to pick it up from the brewery itself. Make sure to follow The Bruery on Facebook and Twitter to find out how to secure your bottle, or you can make friends on a third party forum to see how you can trade a kidney for a bottle.

About The Bruery:

The Bruery is a boutique craft brewery located in Orange County, CA specializing in barrel aged and experimental ales. Founded as a small, friend & family run business in 2008, The Bruery takes it’s unique moniker from founder Patrick Rue’s family surname... read the complete story by visiting their homepage here